January 27


Hard Times – Klicker & Skray – Chapter 4 – End times

By Stefan Logar

January 27, 2024

Chapter 4, Dystopian, Fantasy, serialized, shorts

“Get to work!” With a forceful shove, Skray and Klicker were expelled from the tunnel's mouth into the wild, tumbling into each other upon landing.

“They really carried us all the way here,” Skray noted, his voice tinged with irony.

Klicker scanned their desolate surroundings, the weight of their solitude pressing in. “Yes, and they’ve left us utterly alone,” he sighed, his breath catching in a mix of resignation and defiance.

As they moved toward a distant unit, their path was cut short by screams of terror. A flood of workers stampeded toward them, panic in their eyes.

Klicker, feeling the inevitable approach, closed his eyes, surrendering to fate. Skray, in a last desperate bid, tugged at him, words lost in the chaos.

The ground shook as a shadow loomed large. A container, vast beyond comprehension, tipped. A deluge ensued, sweeping away all in its path with merciless fervor.


The end is unavoidable. If you have the chance to know it before it is all over, what would you do differently with your life right now?

Stefan Logar

Stefan Logar

From a young age on, Stefan loved writing and storytelling. With a very active imagination and vivid fantasy, he began crafting detailed worlds that felt as real as reality itself. When not crafting new stories and working on ideas based on his dreams, he is a father of six and enjoying life as a family dad. 


I use A.I. to optimize and improve upon my writing, while all my stories are original pieces, I ask A.I. to help me refine, brainstorm, deepen and enhance stories through honest feedback based on current trends and writing baselines. It helps me to proofread and fix some grammar and spelling issues. 
A.I. generated most images for my stories as well. Using DALL-E or Midjourney for the creation. Furthermore, other aspects and graphics might come licensed through envato elements.

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