February 12


The story of every author, or …

By Stefan Logar

February 12, 2024

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It's 2007, and I awoke utterly disoriented. For the past three months, I hadn't been on Earth. I was somewhere else—taken while I was sleeping. Yet, I returned just as the morning came, and for everyone but me, it was as though I had never left.

These three months of night were my initiation into the magical realm of Andira. I met everyone in this world—I mean, everyone. It began with Athrius, the hero of our story… well, kind of. As I see it, the true heroes are the people of Andira.

I encountered their deities as well: the good, the bad, the in-between. Standing face-to-face with limitless power changed me. This experience reawakened an age-old knack within me, something I loved since I could talk: crafting worlds and stories so real, everyone believed them. It was a gift, I believe, from those deities. And now, I have a mission. My quest, still today, is to bring the stories and history of Andira—a world as real as ours, just out of our natural reach (for now)—to Earth. Or should I say, back to Earth? Because, as I can only guess, today there might be millions of humans living on Andira. That, however, wasn't always the case.

When I was brought there for a period of time, I was the only human, aside from Athrius, who himself is from Atlantis.

Well, I'm drifting into details that you will be able to explore in the upcoming book.

Much more important now is my journey in bringing this book to the world. I know this story beckons me to be told. Every character's story was etched into my soul, from the lonely farmer at the edge of the world to their kings and queens. I know their ancestors, their heirs, their stories from creation to the inevitable end of all.

I guess that's just another gift those gods bestowed upon a lowly human from another realm like me.

When I first picked up the pen to write this magnificent story, I just wrote it, knowing nothing about writing, crafting words, creating worlds, characters, and lacking profound life experience. The first draft was bad. But that wasn't the issue—first drafts are always bad, as I know today. What discouraged me was my absolutely naive approach—I thought I could write it once and publish it.

As you can imagine, nobody wanted my work—besides, it was written in German back then. I only found a very, awful self-publishing deal, and without doing any research whatsoever, I signed away my rights for five years and got nothing from it.

It threw me off writing and the dream of publishing for quite a while. Then, in 2020, the story pulled at me, tugging away every day. It wanted to be told. And so, after a ton of loss, struggle, personal growth, business endeavors, moving to the other side of the world into a tropical paradise, having children, getting married, and a myriad of other experiences, I was finally ready.

Also, I found my true voice, connected with my higher self, accepted plenty of truths about life and living, took responsibility seriously, and did my research! (As painstaking and annoying as this part is, it's crucial for any journey you want to undertake.)

See, as I began rewriting it all, the story evolved, transformed, and became a true witness accounting of who lived in Andira, and did what.

The story is very close to my heart, and now, I'm proud of refining just some minor details, those minor details that will make or break your story. And then I'm off to find real people in the real publishing world. Not those who prey on inexperienced and young aspirational authors, but those who invest as much blood, sweat, and love into publishing people's stories as we, the writers, do in creating them.

Or, in my case, being astral projected for months at a time to another world… (Even though for me, as a human, only one night passed by.)

My endless love for this world sparked more in me. And so, as if it opened a door for other realities within me, every night since, countless worlds knock on my astral door to show themselves.

I have a deep well of possibilities at my fingertips, or should I say, eyelids, and can draw from infinite inspiration throughout reality.

That is also why, next to my first project, I am already looking at 23 other books that I want to write, stories that all found their way to me similarly. Almost as if I'm a secret tip for deities within this universe and beyond to pitch their stories too.

Well, that's it for now. 

I'll keep you updated on my writing and what I'm up to next.

I would be happy if you accompanied me throughout my journey from dreaming about changing the hearts and souls of the people of Earth through my stories. To actually reaching them and being a published author with millions of hearts following those fantastical worlds.


Are you a writer? Or a reader? Or both? … What is your journey? Comment and let me know, I am excited to get to know you.

Stefan Logar

Stefan Logar

From a young age on, Stefan loved writing and storytelling. With a very active imagination and vivid fantasy, he began crafting detailed worlds that felt as real as reality itself. When not crafting new stories and working on ideas based on his dreams, he is a father of six and enjoying life as a family dad. 


I use A.I. to optimize and improve upon my writing, while all my stories are original pieces, I ask A.I. to help me refine, brainstorm, deepen and enhance stories through honest feedback based on current trends and writing baselines. It helps me to proofread and fix some grammar and spelling issues. 
A.I. generated most images for my stories as well. Using DALL-E or Midjourney for the creation. Furthermore, other aspects and graphics might come licensed through envato elements.

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