February 13


Do you take the scenic route?

By Stefan Logar

February 13, 2024

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Writing is a process we too often underestimate. Crafting a story seems simple, swift even. Occasionally, it feels like you could hammer out an entire book in an afternoon. But writing is merely the beginning.

Seventeen years ago, I always sought the easy route, the shortcut, the quick path to the end. It never worked. Not in the slightest. Instead, it created a mess—a costly, discouraging, and confusing mess.

Over the years, I've changed.

I now embrace the scenic route towards my dreams, holding the vision of what I want to achieve in my heart and letting the rest unfold.

More than ever, I believe it's not relevant to map out your entire journey. You need a direction, and let the universe guide your steps.

In terms of writing, my approach is moderately unconventional.

I write the entire story that's burning inside me to be told. It's ugly, unclean, riddled with timing errors, perspective shifts, mistakes, plot holes, and what even is grammar at this point? But it's out there.

Then, I sit down and rewrite the story, informed by the raw material I expelled earlier. Now, I can see the entire plot, the characters, and the world clearly. This is when the crafting begins—the part I find most enjoyable and where many writers feel the most dread: Editing.

Yes, the grammar and spelling part is tedious, but I lean on highly sophisticated tools for that. They rectify 92% of the mistakes and help structure everything more effectively.

And then, I immerse myself in crafting the world, the characters, the emotions, the impact, the storyline, and everything in between.

It's a time-consuming, difficult path, and with every new story, it feels like the road less traveled.

But it's worth it.

Twisting and turning every moment in your story, pondering how to make it more impactful, more profound, adding depth and meaning—while allowing yourself the time to do so, keeping your dream alive. That final vision, your destiny, whatever it may be for you, you will eventually reach it.

Currently, I'm learning the basics of the publishing world—agents, agencies, editors, publishers, marketers, platforms, pitches, and so much more. I don't aim to become a masterful expert in all these areas, but to understand enough so that working with me is a joy for everyone involved.

And here's a tip from the manifestation box:

I already envision myself collaborating with incredible agents, publicists, publishers, and renowned journalists. It feels great, exciting, and above all, fulfilling. Because with the support of these remarkable individuals, my dream of touching millions of hearts and stirring countless souls becomes reality.

Fulfill your dream and keep on writing! I, definitely, will do the same.


Where are you currently at, on the path to fulfilling your dream? Please tell me below …

Stefan Logar

Stefan Logar

From a young age on, Stefan loved writing and storytelling. With a very active imagination and vivid fantasy, he began crafting detailed worlds that felt as real as reality itself. When not crafting new stories and working on ideas based on his dreams, he is a father of six and enjoying life as a family dad. 


I use A.I. to optimize and improve upon my writing, while all my stories are original pieces, I ask A.I. to help me refine, brainstorm, deepen and enhance stories through honest feedback based on current trends and writing baselines. It helps me to proofread and fix some grammar and spelling issues. 
A.I. generated most images for my stories as well. Using DALL-E or Midjourney for the creation. Furthermore, other aspects and graphics might come licensed through envato elements.

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